ACT  partners with the top wireless technology leaders to eliminate the use of phone lines and provide faster, cheaper transmission of alarm signals to the Central Station. With long range radio, the signals are carried cost-free over a secure mesh network on a dedicated FCC frequency.

A signal that needs to get from a monitored alarm panel to the Central Station may either go directly from the subscriber’s alarm panel to the Central Station, or “hop” through other subscriber transceivers along the way via many possible routes until it gets a confirmed delivery at the Central Station where all alarms are monitored.

Alarm signals can also be carried over the cellular networks of Verizon and AT&T, which cost significantly less than dedicated landlines. For an added layer of reliability, ACT can configure Internet connections for a secondary alarm path and dual reporting of alarm signals.

Advanced Features

  • Each subscriber unit acts as transmitter/receiver/repeater.
  • Onboard status LEDs enable easy set up and activation.
  • Programmable zone inputs.
  • Remote programming of alarm panel to arm and disarm.
  • Rugged UL compliant housing is ideal for any commercial or residential fire or security alarm application.
  • Cost free (radio) or reduced cost (cellular) alarm signal transmission.

With ACT you get peace of mind when you’re away from home or office.