Fire alarms are an important investment in protecting property and saving lives. Our team of qualified professionals is prepared to meet with clients to design and install a variety of standard fire alarm systems. Relying on products from Mircom, our solutions range from small conventional systems designed to detect smoke in the immediate area through large networked systems supplying a wide range of detection and notification options. Our professionals analyze and design each alarm system to provide clients a reliable alarm service that will protect the property for years to come. System design is only a portion of the services that ACT Security services LLC. can provide. Once a system is designed, our staff of engineers produce industry leading shop drawings and submittals, providing the customer an approval ready package for delivery to the local regulatory authority. Once designed and approved, our installation department has the ability to either work with an electrical contractor to program and start up a system, or install the system in its’ entirety. Many of ACT Security services LLC. technicians are NICET certified, demonstrating our commitment to excellence in the field. ACT Security services LLC. is proud to offer quality fire alarm products at an affordable price for small and large building owners. Call today 877-772-0061 to learn more about our fire alarm products and installation services.

The required testing and inspections found in NFPA 72 and NFPA 25 should be performed on all life safety equipment within a building.

To keep your life safety equipment up-to-date and operating properly, call our experts at ACT Security services LLC. to test and inspect your life safety systems. With our level of experience, we offer a variety of services to help maintain any type of safety system.

We offer testing and inspections on life safety systems including Fire Alarm Systems and Emergency and Nurse Call Systems.

To keep your systems operating properly, begin by contacting ACT Security services LLC. 877-772-0061 today to discuss your life safety inspection needs and join our large team of loyal and satisfied customers.