If you are looking for a security system to protect your employees while at work along with the property and contents of your business, we can help you. We offer a fully customizable security solution designed with your special business requirements in mind. Security monitoring may lower your insurance premiums, and in the long run it will save you money by helping prevent the situations that lead to loss or even a costly shut down.

We create peace of mind for you and your business with:

Scheduled open/close: You can arm and disarm your business alarm system using predetermined open/close signals. This lets you know when people are showing up—and even who is showing up and at what time.

Environmental monitoring: We monitor for carbon monoxide levels, temperature, water levels, power failure—we create security that protects your special situation.

Guard tours: Our operators can virtually walk an employee to safety using two-way voice and video—this is a real plus and a true employee benefit.

Response times: Our operators’ quick response can ensure safety while saving you time and money.

Central station redundancy: Our three 24-hour central stations guarantee that your alarm signal will always be answered, even during severe weather or natural disasters.