Elevator Phone Lines

Making Elevators Safer Using Elevator Cellular Phone Communications:

Elevator cellular telephones are less expensive and more reliable than your existing landline service. Most elevator companies advocate using cellular phone lines whenever possible. The majority of elevator passenger entrapments are caused by power outages and standard landlines are often susceptible to disrupted communications. Cellular communications make sense because in most cases are more dependable than landline phone connections especially in the event of power outages and natural disasters such as earthquakes.

Even if mobile service in the area is knocked out. That doesn’t mean the phone itself has stopped working. An activated cellphone consistently sends bursts of radio waves as it scans the ether for a tower to which it can connect. For a disaster victim, those invisible emissions become something of a rescue beacon, a sign of possible life to rescuers who can identify where the signals are coming from.

Increased Reliability and Substantial Savings:

When you install an elevator cellular telephone line you will receive the benefits of increased reliability and provide substantial savings over conventional monthly land line charges. Our cellular device is quick and easy to install and interfaces well with existing emergency phone equipment. For additional dependability all units include a battery back up.

3G Fixed Cellular Voice Terminal Advantages:
Substantial cost saving over conventional land-line charges
Meets elevator code requirements
Reliable cellular communication especially in the event of a natural disasters such as earthquakes
Easy to install and interfaces with all existing emergency elevator telephones
Battery back-up
Can be installed in elevator machine room, top of car or building telephone room.